Just a quick note to say that I’ll be traveling to the east coast for the next few weeks, so it may be awhile until our next blog post appears. In addition to some work-related meetings, I’ll be engaging in research for the second chapter of my dissertation, which requires a visit to the New York Philharmonic and League of American Orchestras archives.  In a nutshell, the chapter examines the Philharmonic’s gradual transformation from a musicians’ cooperative to a nonprofit corporation in the first decade of the 20th century, connecting a shift in organizational structure with programming trends, audience demographics, and artistic reputation, all of which were subsequently shaped by a booming metropolis undergoing cultural upheaval at the hands—and wallets—of a new philanthropic elite. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions–i’d love to hear them!

Also, those of you who are affiliated with UofM, you have one day to apply and speak at our local TED conference in April–don’t miss it!